• Nathalia Cruz Ortiz

Choose Joy and Peace in 5 Easy Steps

For years I would walk this Earth and feel different. I would notice that other people didn’t see what I saw and many times felt out of place. Instinctively I would know who was hurting without knowing. Even though I love the limelight and being on stage there is a peculiar enjoyment of sitting in the back and looking at the world around me. For years, and to some degree today, I do enjoy serving and pleasing others. Being able to bring them joy or relief still brings me pleasure and I will feel I have a purpose, until some few individuals who do not know how to stop. Those whom I call Energy Vampires.

These individuals would be constantly draining my spirit and then ask for more. They want perfection, or they had no care for myself and my own wellbeing. They were greedy. They were spiritual vampires. It wasn’t until one day, I woke up and said “Enough.” That day I decided that for my own survival I need to come up with a guide to prevent “spiritual vampires” to suck the life out of me.

1. Believe Yourself When Something Isn’t Right

You are not overreacting when you believe someone stated a snarking comment against you or is being passive aggressive. Your soul knows when people are screwing with you. You will get a tummy ache or feel uneasy. You see, we are spiritual beings living human experiences, THEREFORE if the energy is bad, you will feel it.

2. Do Things That Bring JOY into Your Life

There have been a couple of times in my adult life when I have to do a spiritual check in my life. One was in 2012 after the most horrible months of my life. Troubles at work led me to start taking Prozac and it caused the most horrible depression ever. Once I was able to literally snap out of it, I asked myself “What makes ME happy?” That simple question saved me a coupe of times in my 37 years. The other time was a couple of weeks prior my decision to leave my ex-husband. I went back to basics, photography, painting, and even playing with LEGOs. Go back to the one or several things that brings YOU JOY.

3. Say Your Truth Even When Your Voice Trembles

A few years back I was working with a team and we were reprimanded for drinking after a closing. Weeks later on a Thursday at 11AM I was offered a beer and invited to go out. I stood up to them and told them this was a bad decision to take regardless of them being adults. Days later I came clean to management. To this day I do not regret my decision regardless of the consequences that brought my life to a different path however this new path was full of peace. The other time was when I told my ex-husband I was leaving him. My life is not without struggle however speaking my truth brings a release, like getting into a cold shower.

4. Do Not Engage

Empaths attracts narcissists because narcissists are spirituals vampires. They feed their egos from the chaos they create while making others feel flustered and frustrated. They gloat while seeing the destruction they caused. Having an argument with a narcissist is like a hamster running on a hamster wheel. You will get nowhere. Therefore, in order to put an end to the endless argument, DO NOT ENGAGE. Just look them for who they are, chaos creators and spirit vampires. You will never be right. They are the ones who bring negativity everywhere they go, and it won’t matter how positive you are, they will do everything in their power to turn the situation into their favor. Think of a volcano erupting, not only do you have to be aware of the eruption, but you must deal with the lava destroying everything on its path. Just move away and do not engage.

5. Having Emptiness in Your Life is Open Space for New Experiences and New People

When you start choosing joy and peace will automatically bring new availability in your life. Whether it is because you ended a relationship or moved away to start a fresh in a new location, you will feel lonely because wounds only heal when you are not distracted trying to fill the emptiness with noise. You will try your best to be filled with noise however true healing happens alone. This is the time for you to recap what happened, take inventory of yourself, you take time to enjoy the things that bring joy and peace into your life. However, the most delicious thing is that those that love you and care for you will be there for you.

There will be a point when are ready to raise your hand to ask for help or ask for comfort and those that are meant to be there, will be there. You are not alone but most importantly, YOU ARE LOVED. You are perfect. You need to be the way you are because you are that piece that makes it all work in this world.

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